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New horse enthusiast? Seasoned horseman? Ribboned competitor? All are welcome!

EMES can enhance and advance any equestrian’s education. For yourself. For your horse. For your sport.

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EMES is proud to be featured in The Plaid Horse !

“Raegan Comeaux has trained riders from their first lessons all the way to the Indoor finals, but began to notice a growing trend among the industry in recent years—riders would compete every weekend all year long, but fail to obtain the basics of horsemanship. “I decided it was time to help change the ‘product’ we seemed to be producing,” the USEF “r” licensed official, owner-operator of Double Rainbow Farm, and founder of EMES Academy tells The Plaid Horse…”

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Raegan Comeaux

Raegan Comeaux is the founder and CEO of EMES. After earning her degree in Animal Science with a specialty in Equine Science and a double minor in English and Marketing, she spent 32 years building her training facility. Starting with just 30 untamed acres, Raegan sculpted Double Rainbow into the 148 acre elite training facility it is today. She’s remains passionate about creating positive change in the hunter/jumper industry to ensure the safety, wellbeing, and education of rider and horses alike.

When Raegan isn’t integrating all the best information into EMES, or training horses and riders, or judging hunters and equitation as a USEF licensed official, she loves spending time with her husband and children, riding her young horse, wakeboarding and slaloming, gardening, reading, and cheering on the New Orleans Saints!

Through EMES, Raegan wanted to offer the hunter/jumper world the opportunity she didn’t have growning up: the ability to learn, train, and advance no matter their location. To find out more about Raegan, you can read about her career, visit her EMES coach’s profile, or reach out to her directly at raegan@emes.academy.

Barbara Newtown

Barbara Newtown trained at Yale University as a music historian, but she spent most of her career teaching creative and academic writing at the college level. Before joining Raegan in the EMES project, Barbara wrote profiles (both human and equine) for the regional magazine The Equine Report.

Barbara and her husband George run Newtown Farm, a “Three Star” Oldenburg breeding farm.  They won their “stars” for percentage of premium foals, production of an approved stallion, and performance of offspring.  Barbara and George are business partners with Olympians Karen and David O’Connor, who train, show, and market Newtown Farm horses.  The Newtowns and the O’Connors believe that a horse will let you know what it loves to do:  although the humans in this arrangement concentrate on Eventing (the equine triathlon), Newtown horses can be found these days being happy in the hunt field, the hunter ring, the jumper ring, the dressage ring, or, of course, on cross-country.

Great Appreciation

Some of the materials in the EMES program and the book Riding and Horsemanship Beginner Level One Unit 1 were based in part by concepts originally created by Raegan Comeaux and Margaret Murphy. Great appreciation is extended to both for their creative and technical input.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is EMES different from other programs?2021-09-09T13:33:40+00:00

At EMES we believe training horsemen starts on day one.


Unlike USHJA’s Trainer Credentialing Program which is an open book test only available to USHJA trainers who meet the qualifications outlined in their program, EMES’s program is for any equestrian and focuses on the training from the bottom up.


EMES is the first of its kind to create a ladder of learning specifically for the hunter, jumper, and equitation disciplines, unlike Pony Club which focuses on eventing and CHA which covers both english and western.


EMES also offers two programs for people interested in horses, but not necessarily in riding:  Horse Management and Facility Management.  Are you intrigued by equine medicine, or show management, or grooming techniques, or how to turn a profit in the horse industry?  One of these specialties is for you!


Our bite-sized learning units and tests are completely unique, offering the opportunity for better retention and for students to feel more motivated as advancement is specific, measurable, and attainable.

How do I advance?2021-09-09T13:33:04+00:00

As you read your student handbooks and take lessons, your skills and knowledge will improve. When you feel ready, you can take your written and practical tests to advance.

When can I purchase my first book?2021-09-09T13:32:35+00:00

The first student handbook, Riding & Horsemanship, Beginner.1.1 is available now. Go to our EMES home page and click on the “Let’s Get Started!” button. The second book, Horse Management Beginner 1.1, is coming out in early 2021!

If I already have my own coach, do they have to join too?2021-09-09T13:32:02+00:00

Having an EMES participating coach has many benefits and keeps you both on the same page to know exactly where you’re excelling and where you could be even better. Though it’s best for you if your coach joins EMES too, it’s not essential.

Do I need my own horse to be part of EMES?2021-09-09T13:31:20+00:00

No. However, you will need to take lessons in order to develop the skills needed for the practical portions of your unit tests. If you are new to horseback riding lessons, please go to EMES participating coaches page.

I am/my chidl is new to horseback riding lessons. What do we need to know?2021-09-09T13:25:40+00:00

The best place to start is by selecting an EMES participating coach . This ensures you/your child will receive a great education through EMES.


To get a head start and show up to your first lesson prepared, we recommend you take a look at our post 10 Best Tips to Know Before Your First Riding Lesson.

How do I join and what’s included with membership?2021-09-09T13:24:41+00:00

Get in at the ground floor with us! Just click here to sign up for membership.


The $39 Membership will get you loads of extras:

Your own personal member profile with your status

Your unique lifetime EMES member ID number

A beautiful full-color 11×17 chart to track your progress

Links to participating coaches in your area

Access to the exclusive members-only site for a year

Fun printable learning materials

Examples of written tests for practice

Certificates of completion after you have passed a unit or level test

How does EMES work, and how will it benefit me or my child?2021-09-09T13:23:48+00:00

-Four different curricula:

Want to own a barn one day? Study Facility Management. Or maybe you’d like to be a judge or manage a show? Pick up Competition. What about becoming a top level groom? Read Horse Management. Want to become a top notch rider? Study Riding & Horsemanship. Perhaps you’d like to become a trainer or coach yourself? Then you’ll need all four! Mix and match to choose your path. The choice is yours.


-Progress Chart:

Your progress chart breaks down each curriculum into rank, level, and unit. With specific, measurable, and attainable goals, your path to success becomes clear.


-Learn at Your Pace:

Textbooks complement your coach’s lesson plans and accompany each unit so you can learn whenever and wherever. Advance when you want to, where you want to. Your education can advance as fast as you can.


-Discover Your Skills:

Standardized written and practical tests ensure safety and a fair assessment of knowledge and horsemanship. Get clear feedback on where you excel and where you could be even better.


-Easily Set Goals & Track Progress:

Challenge yourself to pass as many units as possible or to get a perfect test score. With a chart to track your progress and certificates to demonstrate your proficiency, you can proudly display your success. EMES will help you enjoy and understand your lessons even more as stepping stones to your success.


-Parents Can Follow Along:

With easy-to-read textbooks, standardized testing, and a progress chart, you and your child’s coach can know exactly where your child is excelling and where they might need more work. Together you can come up with a custom plan that assists and supports your child’s learning.

Who is EMES for?2021-09-09T13:22:56+00:00

EMES serves:


A child meeting a pony for the first time…

A barn manager dedicated to horse health and happiness…

A college student in a Pre-Vet program…

A trainer who wants respected credentialing…

A professional groom…

A junior rider preparing for a Finals…

A horse rescuer…

A show manager…

A licensed official…

Anyone who wants a career in the “Horse Industry”…


Anyone who just loves horses.

What is EMES?2021-09-09T13:14:14+00:00

Equine Mastery Education System (EMES) is pioneering a U.S.-based equine educational movement that will walk horse lovers from their first trip to the barn all the way to international mastery. We believe the only way students can achieve their true potential is through a structured ladder of learning.


EMES enhances the traditional coach-student lesson style. EMES systematically teaches lifelong horsemanship skills and the values of courage, patience, and selflessness. The well-being and safety of both horse and rider are at the forefront of our system.


EMES offers four tracks of study: Riding and Horsemanship, Horse Management, Facility Management, and Competition. Each track proceeds from Beginner to Mastery, with a series of in-depth learning materials.


EMES builds the best horsemen from day one while preserving our horses and our sport for generations to come.


For yourself. For your horse. For your sport.

Let’s Get Together

If you are a new horse enthusiast or a seasoned horseman, we have something to offer everyone. Our accurate, timeless, and safe information means you’ll be learning, having fun, and achieving goals no matter your skill level. We invite you to start your journey today. Join the movement.

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