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Renewal of “Why”

As I watch the hopeful competitors spill into the facility, giggling and squealing with excitement and anticipation, I feel grounded.  Aside from being where I belong–with other horse people–the spirit at IEA makes me want to dig in deep and work so much harder.

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A Horse’s Story: What Will I Do Next?

Horses need “second acts” in their lives.  We all work together to decide what becomes of the horse who needs a new job. The barn owner, manager, or trainer will help a horse transition to a new career of teaching horse lovers.

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EMES News Updates: Spring 2023

Get the latest news about what’s going on at EMES!

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Horsemanship Lessons: Do They Really Matter?

Horsemanship skills are the key to excellence.  If you want to be an international rider or a superb groom or veterinarian or just a wonderful horse owner, you need these skills.

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