Renewal of “Why”

May 2023

We were happy to catch up with our members and trainers at the Interscholastic Equestrian Association National Finals in Tryon, North Carolina, April 27-30, 2023!

IEA Nationals is our “renewal” of “the why” at the Equine Mastery Education System. The IEA competitions are a test of true horsemanship:  can you get on a horse you’ve never met before, take two practice fences, and go right into the show ring?  Since the competition takes place in one ring rather than several, there is time to cheer for your team members and learn by watching.

The mood at IEA is special, because riders and trainers and parents have time to enjoy the horse show atmosphere.  As I watch the hopeful competitors spill into the facility, giggling and squealing with excitement and anticipation, I feel grounded.  Aside from being where I belong–with other horse people–the spirit at IEA makes me want to dig in deep and work so much harder.

I smiled as I watched the herd of riders galloping around the Tryon International Equestrian Center on foot, jumping the kid jumps.  They visited with each other, sometimes laughing so hard they had tears on their cheeks.

Adults turned into kids again as they observed the young riders playing at the exhibitor parties.  Cell phones were tucked away and the competitors were focused on enjoying their teammates and friends.  These young equestrians were enjoying their time with their parents and family members.

Each one of them could be any of us when we were younger. Now it’s their turn. They are our future professional riders, instructors, horse trainers, judges, stewards, horse show managers, veterinarians, farriers, horse breeders, farm and barn managers, grooms, horse insurance agents, tack shop owners, writers, and entrepreneurs.

As I talk to trainers from across the country about EMES, they are all on board. I sense the same excitement for working together that the IEA teams represent.  The trainers are excited to create the best program for credentialing ourselves and our students.

The riders are ready!  Ready to work hard and test.  Ready to mentor the next generation of horse lovers.  The parents are supportive in every way and happy to watch their children be excited about learning and giving back.

So until next year at Nationals, we are committed to work hard – tirelessly even – to build out our education program. We can’t wait to show you what is in store!  EMES –  For OURSELVES, for our HORSES, for our SPORT.